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Cookbook Passion, the Delayed Opportunity Story


There are times when a bad economy postpones our dreams, but not necessarily destroys them. Case in point is a personal one.  Pamela G over the years created a 3,000 volume heritage cookbook collection, circa 1920’s thru current times, tracking the national change in American eating habits. Her interest in classic food-meal creation arose from having worked ten years as a store manager, first at Williams Sonoma, then at Sur La Table kitchen stores. Over ten years ago, a successful book publisher signed a contract to publish an illustrated compendium of her collection with recipes entitled, “My Cookbook Passion” by Pamela Grogan. All excitement but… then the 2008 Recession, and the publisher pulled back and stopped many of their book projects. (We had also signed a contract and had written a cookbook for them to be called “Las Vegas Kitchens”, recipes from famous off-Strip restaurants, with photos of kitchens from well-known local citizens. Also shelved.)

Here we are today, believing ‘In Times of Virus’, that more people are cooking at home, and a cookbook that offers easy-to-make dishes plus an intriguing history of the culinary pioneers would have interest for those who enjoy ‘tasty reading’.

We will be teasing shortly with excerpts from Chapter 2 of ‘My Cookbook Passion’, then a few ‘choice bits’.  In June 2020, Pamela signed a publishing contract with Histria Books to bring out her cookbook library anthology in holiday season, 2021. Pre-order today.

Pamela Grogan is currently specializing in Eastern European baked goods with tasty desserts like Walnut and Poppyseed Potica, Creamy 2Di4 Fudge, and Raspberry Kolacky, available for purchase and shipping. Visit her at Facebook “Kitchen a’stir”, or Contact her here to answer any foodie inquiries.

A baker creates only good memories. In remembrance of Pamela’s childhood beloved cat, famed children fine artist, Richard Jess Watson, painted from a photograph this work, entitled, “Chef Mercedes bakes mousey cookie hors d’oeuvres”. []

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