In Times of Virus

Promoting Positives & Success Towards a Post-Virus Economy & Life


Going thru hell to reach success is worthy adventure

How America Goes Back To Work – Cautious First Step

 A Common Sense Proposal from a Quarantined Citizen By S. P. Grogan The President will be creating a second Coronavirus Task Force that will investigate and make recommendations on re-opening the economy. Over the last two months we have heard across the public spectrum various alleged experts of economy and medicine willing to give their…

In Recession empty the attic

RECESSION MARKET PLACE April Listings   As a business person facing economic hardship it’s time to sell talents that have value, and ‘things’ of interest but not essential.  I am reminded of the Depression of the man standing on the corner selling apples from a basket. I don’t see the basket too full and the product…

Current/Post Virus Game Plans — Preparing for the Recovery

The World has changed.  If you believe everything will go back to a pre-Virus normalcy, then you need not read further and good luck.  I am writing to those who see the Corona Virus – 19 as an existential threat (meaning changing all things we now know) and understand that you need to start making…

Daylight at Tunnel’s End

             April 9, 2020                           Mitigating, suppressing but not solving the Corona-19 Virus will happen this year. My belief is that confirmed illnesses will not disappear altogether but slacken off. Those who have the virus but with no outward symptoms (asymptomatic) will continue to spread minor contagion flare-ups (and this could be anyone, young/old might…

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