A Common Sense Proposal from a Quarantined Citizen

By S. P. Grogan

The President will be creating a second Coronavirus Task Force that will investigate and make recommendations on re-opening the economy. Over the last two months we have heard across the public spectrum various alleged experts of economy and medicine willing to give their far-ranging opinions.

Perhaps it is time for A Modest Common Sense Proposal from a Quarantined Citizen.

Anticipated Realism.

1. We must accept that this virus that will hang around in some mutated form;

a.   Fewer cases—a decline but not eradicated because it is continuing to spread world-wide, and opening of air travel will return infected travelers;

b.   A second minor wave—expected after the economy re-starts, but not overpowering.

c.   There will be geographical flare-ups after economy re-starts,

d.   Renewal in winter but better treatments at that time.

2.  Health Departments will need to remain vigilant and supplies stocked for fall and winter. Better to be over-stocked. 

3.  With any disease the older generation and/or those with underlying upper respiratory symptoms will continue to be most vulnerable. 

3. State Governors will be in the forefront of easing quarantine restrictions, which will make it a ‘roll-out’ versus Federal Government making one over-all action announcement.

4. Politically, the nation will remain in partisan divide, and the Fed Govt. (President) will be in no-win position, meaning keeping economy closed too long will be attacked, or opening economy in any form with any virus death recorded will be attacked as wrong decision. 

5.  Be wary on what you hear across the spectrum of Media Sources; a lot of stilted misinformation; be skeptical, as with any life-threatening diagnosis, a Second Opinion is cautiously warranted.

6.  Expanded testing will show a lot more asymptomatic carriers.

Suggested Back-to-Work What-to-do’s.

  1.  CDC rules on self-distancing should be suggested but not enforced.
  2.  Quick Testing Stations available nation-wide.  By summer testing at all doctors’ offices.
  3. Temp and Quick Test on all airplane travel, start with distancing on plane until increased passenger loads; face masks optional; also at major entertainment events
  4. Federal Government by July 1st, will give comprehensive up-date on all investigated & trial vaccines, treatments, and opinions. Create Federal Fast Response Team for flare-ups.
  5. First Phase Openings of States/localities with less cases
  6. Taking Care of Business National Opening Week.  Make delayed appointments; elective surgeries. Visit friends and families.

Same week, or following weeks:

  1. National on-line Job Search. Local Job Fairs.
  2. National Restaurant Week.  Visit a different restaurant each day for a week.

c.    National Entertainment Week.  Enjoy movies, sports, parks, tourist locations, each day for week.

  • Exercise & Health Month, get healthy to build up body’s immunity system
  • Optional: Buy minimum $100-500 worth of American stock in growth medical industries or whatever
  • Get regular Flu Shot in the Fall.
  • Subscribe to ‘In Times of Virus’ as economic impact will continue and recovery news will be coin of the realm.

What others say:

Excerpt Opinion – Dr. Kelli Ward in Newsweek

…The [new] task force should avoid making one-size-fits-all pronouncements on entire cities, states and regions. As someone who lives in flyover country, I can tell you that many Arizonans have felt inundated by a big-city-only perspective on the crisis. While our hearts are with our fellow citizens in New York City, I can assure you some parts of the country can and would reopen now if given the opportunity. The same approach should be applied to entire sectors of the economy. Many industries will have to enact new protocols to ensure the worker safety in order to restart. The second task force can and should provide guidance on those protocols.

But the task force should also set its sights beyond just our immediate crisis. The pandemic has amplified the necessity of ensuring that America’s strategic manufacturing and production priorities—food, medicine and weapons—are brought back to U.S. soil as a matter of national security. Our nation’s manufacturers and producers must have a very large voice on the task force, and they should be incentivized to bring their production capacity back to the United States.

With the right approach, the task force will be instrumental in America defeating the coronavirus enemy on the second front of this terrible war. Victory will mean restarting the economic engine that powers the world’s economy and making changes that have both immediate and long-term benefits to the health and security of our nation. We can ensure the comeback will be nothing short of an economic revival, the likes of which has never been seen before.

There’s no time to lose. It’s time to put America back to work.https://www.newsweek.com/its-time-fix-our-eyes-post-coronavirus-economic-revival-opinion-1497358