Announcing a new net news/advisory site for your benefit:


{This introduction will become our “About Page”. Since this a new beginning your input and comments will be appreciated–Editor S.P. Grogan}

April, 2020. In the midst of a world-wide pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, there is constantly, on a day-by-day basis, numbing negatives and understandable fears.   I want to offer a contrary public readership environment, one of positives.

I want to re-center ourselves on future hopeful outcomes with anticipated coming prosperity for citizens and economy. 

From my lengthy personal and public career, I want to engage in offering my experience to be able to offer advice and direction on all sorts of issues, from increasing your business and employment incomes to realigning your belief in optimism.  It is time to move towards a world of financial and moral success.

When you come to “In Times of Virus” you are agreeing to seek out those tidbits of information that give you a pause for reflection and ideas on how to improve your life, personal and career. In history, our ancestors overcame plagues and wars, and this Invisible Virus I believe shall soon pass; and, if unfortunately the scourge returns in annual cycle it will be thwarted by new ingenuity and strong vaccines.

In this frame of mind of Positives, I want to make us all have an enjoyable and educational time.  This site will focus on providing mine and others’ thoughts to several subjects, where you have a choice to pick and choose to your interest.  Here is an overview of planned links, as I see our voyage launching:

Positive Perspectives

                Let’s hear some upbeat thoughts, maybe even a joke or two. Good Times news stories stressing there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not an oncoming bullet train. Let’s see the world as still turning and good things happening this month, the next month, and next year.

Latest News

                Key news that you might not have heard from. No political spin, just the facts.

Economic and Business Advice.  

Under the banner of my consulting company, “Navegante Growth Technologies” (more on this later), I would offer guidance to all types of business recovery strategies from small mom-and-pops to major companies. How do they revive their operations?  How about new technologies; how about a world of new ideas, where I can assist on ‘incubator and innovation’?

Grogan Family Marketplace.  From our creativity to you to take your mind off a turbulent outside world.  My great grandparents owned mercantile stores in small Midwestern towns, and with modern technology we have ours.  Visit the family marketplace. I have a few products that I might put up on the net shelf: collectible books, great tasting baked goods, even organic beverages. I will be showcasing historical fiction that I have written. Perhaps reviews of food, wine and literature I think you might appreciate.

Community Participation. Let’s hear from you, your positives, questions, and thoughts.  The first phase is where we, you and I, can create a community of ‘positive Questors’, those seeking all things that allow us and our families facing old and new challenges with inner strength and upbeat spirit. My goal is 25,000 unique visitors, an internet village, and I will need your help in building this community. 

Private Conversations.  I am going to experiment with a ‘consulting site’ for the masses. With my expensive encyclopedia of life experiences I will offer Inexpensive time on the analysis couch where you can discuss your problems with a live person, whether business decisions or of a personal nature. I purport to be no licensed medical, legal or financial guru but merely an unusual worldly guide offering common sense, and being your ‘cheerleader’ towards decision-making.

Final words: So, let us begin both adventure and journey.  Let’s reach the goal of 25,000 like-minded friends as part of the Community. Help me to create the Community with participation and advice.  Help spread the word as a Questor, those individuals seeking Positives and Success.

S.P.Grogan, Editor

Navegante is Italian for Navigator