The World has changed.  If you believe everything will go back to a pre-Virus normalcy, then you need not read further and good luck.  I am writing to those who see the Corona Virus – 19 as an existential threat (meaning changing all things we now know) and understand that you need to start making mental and futuristic check-off plans, putting them down on paper. I am here to help. A little more wisdom will give you educated choices.

Make a Realistic To-Do List.

First of all, we are in a Pandemic and you/your family needs to see the greater perspective.  Accept how this might impact your personal world. Survival can be a positive concept. Once you accept the danger to your personal wellbeing, the Game Plan has validity. There is nothing wrong in writing down a list of actions to take: precautions, supplies needed, and even those activities to make you active, healthy, and in a funky good mood. The fight against Cabin Fever is something you can do directly, not having to wait for public pronouncements. Inaction is a negative, a positive is to find ways to make your life better, looking to new pro-actions you might have merely thought about but have not tried to implement.

The ‘Going Forward’ Game Plan We will discuss and exchange ideas in our upcoming dialogues in creating your Game [Attack] Plan. Suffice it to say, as they talk about marginalizing the Virus, you for the greater good have to create the Plan to: (a) prepare for recovery, (b) educate yourself to take advantage of economic opportunities (find a better job; create more ancillary income, etc.).

Do a Self-Survey:

  1. What is my present financial condition?  Create a 3 month living budget.
  2. How is my employment environment? The damaged economy will have a trickle-down effect on all business.  List business negatives around you, then look to integrating positives, and identify possible opportunities.
  3. Out of work?  We will talk shortly on this subject; but in fact you need to take your search and create a full-press campaign to find a new challenging-fulfilling position.  They need you more than they realize.
  4. Inventory your most important assets, and review: family, friends, health, and economic staying power.  Even those who felt safe with retirement income need to look at new strategies.
  5. Mental Health.  What is really bothering you?  Find yourself more uptight and angry at politicians, your job, even close quarters living. Seeking answers, perhaps need to talk to someone, a person (non-family or office) that might give you honest conversation? Make the list, and then let’s try to remove the impediment. Once you realize what the emotional roadblocks are the easier to bust through.  Find quiet time, just to think. Close your eyes, and dream a renewed good life. Those thoughts go on your list of goals to possibly accomplish. Even the weird dreams might have merit.

Introspection on One’s Self.

Symptom–“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Cure—“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Time to have a Personal Conversation with Your Cheerleader Team.  Fill out the survey, ask questions of us. Email your list of Concerns and Thoughts.  Consider us your next door neighbor where we both are sitting on the porch veranda, sipping lemonade, watching a clear day with a rising sun and having a bull session of ideas and constructive observations. If we can help, we will certainly try.